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Fans Curious About the 2016 Playbill

Every week thousands of people visit this site for reviews and information about theatre, in and around, Stratford.
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Below are the most popular show review, by page views, on this site for the period Monday, Aug. 31 to Sunday, Sept. 6.

With the season is coming to a close in October theatre patrons are starting to look ahead. At least that’s my rationale for the interest in my blog post about the 2016 playbill. It was the most popular blog post last week.

“Shakesepeare in Love” will make it’s North American debut at the Stratford Festival, likely directed by Gary Griffin. You might have seen the news that Luke Humphrey and Shannon Taylor are rumored to be playing the leading roles that Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow play in the film . But there’s no word yet about who will star in Donna Feore’s “A Chorus Line.”

Most Popular Show Reviews Monday, Aug. 31 to Sunday, Sept. 6.

1- The Alchemist
2- Love’s Labour’s Lost
3 – Carousel

This is the previous week’s list.

1- The Alchemist
2- Love’s Labour’s Lost
3 – Carousel

Most Popular Blog Post Last Week Was:
Stratford Festival 2016 Playbill

Last year at this time the most popular show was:
Hay Fever

Fans Curious About the 2016 Playbill

Keith Tomasek
14 September 2015
News and Rumors

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