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Brickenden Awards 2014

Nominations are out and voting is open for the Brickenden Awards 2014.

The Brickenden Awards have been celebrating excellence in London, Ontario community theatre since 2002.

The Brickendens are an important part of London’s theatre community. When they were launched in 2002 there was a small but very active theatre scene in London. That community has since grown and there’s no doubt that the Brickenden Awards are, in part, responsible for building that community and inspiring more people to participate in local theatre.

In 2002 there were 10 categories, that number has now grown to 17.

2014 Nominations

This year The London Community Players received 2 nominations in both the Comedy category and the Drama category.

But it was By the Book Theatre’s production of A Few Good Men and Iglesia Productions Evil Dead: The Musical that truly dominated the awards. They are the only productions to recieve a nomination in the Director, Lead Actor and Lead Actress categories.

Evil Dead: The Musical lands 10 Nominations

Iglesia Productions Evil Dead The Musical was also the only production to receive a nomination in each of the 5 design categories. In total the production received 10 nominations: Director, Musical, Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor, Costumes, Lighting, Set Design, Sound Design and Makeup.

Perennial nominee, and Canadian Fringe Festival favourite, Jayson McDonald was nominated in both the Comedy category and the Lead Actor category. McDonald recently relocated to Vancouver, this will be a great loss for the London theatre community.

Another veteran of the London theatre scene Sookie Mei was nominated for both Supporting Actress and Sound Design.

In the Youth categories Original Kids Theatre Company received 4 nominations, with Beal Musical Theatre, London District Christian Secondary School and London Central Secondary School each receiving a single nomination.

Special thanks go out to the Brickenden Committee and the Adjudication Panel members for their commitment to supporting community theatre and for attending so many productions!

Nominees and Voting

Winners will be announced Monday January 26th at London Central Library’s Wolf Performance Hall. Click here for tickets.

You can vote for your favourite productions HERE.
A Few Good Men (By the Book Theatre)
Death of a Salesman (London Community Players)
The Normal Heart (London Community Players)
Venus In Fur (Fountainhead Theatreworks and London Community Players)
Hosanna (Double D Productions in association with London Community Players)
Love, Loss and What I Wore (London Community Players)
Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Wortley Repertory Theatre)
Noises Off (London Community Players)
Sylvia (Maybles’ Productions)
Magic Unicorn Island (previously titled World War Three) (Stars And Hearts)

Evil Dead: The Musical (Iglesia Productions)
Gypsy (Musical Theatre Productions)
Little Shop of Horrors (The King’s Players Theatre Company)
Rent (Theatre Western)
The Full Monty (Fuse Productions)

Solo Performance
There must be at least three entries for this category to be awarded.

Youth Drama
Macbeth (OKTC)
The Dining Room (Theatre Laurier, Laurier S.S)
The Great Gatsby (Beal Drama)
The Matchmaker (London District Christian Secondary School)
Within and Without, The Flood (Nomad Theatre Project)

Youth Musical
Monty Python’s Spamalot! (London Central Secondary School)
Singin’ in the Rain (OKTC)
The King and I (OKTC)
The Music Man (Beal Musical Theatre)
The Wedding Singer (OKTC)

Original Script
Nominations are expected Friday. The original script category is awarded by a reading panel, and is not open to public voting.

Andrew Tribe and Cameron Carver (Edges)
Anne Mooney and Dave Semple and Donald D’Haene (Hosanna)
John Iglesias (Evil Dead: The Musical)
Lesleigh Turner (Noises Off)
Mark Killeen (A Few Good Men)

Lead Actor
Andre Cormier (Kaffee, A Few Good Men)
Dave Semple (Courette, Hosanna)
Jayson McDonald (Magic Unicorn Island (previously titled World War Three))
kyle blair (billy bishop, billy bishop goes to war)
Mark Nocent (Ash, Evil Dead: The Musical)

Lead Actress
Angela Southern (Mama Rose, Gypsy)
Deborah Mitchell (Linda, Death of a Salesman)
Jessica Ducharme (Cheryl, Evil Dead: The Musical)
Sarah Green (Ernestine, The Anger In Ernest And Ernestine)
Steph Christiaens (Jo, A Few Good Men)

Supporting Actress
Alyson Nichols (Myrtle O’Connor, Edith Spanner)
Dinah Watts (Vera Charles, Mame)
Kathleen Watkins (Dainty June, Gypsy)
Sookie Mei (Love, Loss and What I Wore)
Vanessa Woodford (Dr. Emma Brookner, The Normal Heart)

Supporting Actor
Alex Bogaert (Dawson, A Few Good Men)
David Bogaert (Jessep, A Few Good Men)
Sam Shoebottom (Jake, Evil Dead: The Musical)
Todd Baubie (Sir Thomas Godfrey, Queen Milli of Galt)
Will Frasinelli (Young Patrick Dennis, Mame)

Becky Lenko and Kim McCuaig (Gypsy)
Becky Lenko and Kim McCuaig and Lyndsay Dolansky (A Few Good Men)
Debra Chantler (Noises Off)
Lia Karidas (Mr. Burns, a post-electric play)
Liz Demetrious (Evil Dead: The Musical)

Andrew Tribe and Joe Recchia (Edges)
Ashley Patenaude and Heather Smart (The Monument)
Katie Norton (Evil Dead: The Musical)
Rob Coles (The Full Monty)
Stephen Mitchell (Mr. Burns, a post-electric play)

Set Design
David Long (Mame)
David Long and Stephen Mitchell (Noises Off)
John Iglesias (Evil Dead: The Musical)
Mark Killeen (A Few Good Men)
Mark Mooney (Hosanna)

Sound Design
Andrew Johnson (A Few Good Men)
Peter Mennie (JUDY: Stonewalled!)
Rob Richardson (Gypsy)
Scott Shpak (Evil Dead: The Musical)
Sookie Mei (Noises Off)

Carol Contant (Evil Dead: The Musical)
Charles Martin (Hosanna)
Heather Heywood (The Normal Heart)
Nicole Alcaidinho (Mr. Burns, a post-electric play)
Tessa Nanton (Rent)

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Brickenden Awards 2014

Keith Tomasek
5 January 2015
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