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Fiddler on the Roof at Stage West

Stage West Fiddler on the roof

George Masswohl plays Tevye to perfection

Fiddler on The Roof starring George Masswohl is getting outstanding reviews!

This should come as no surprise to people familiar with Masswohl. He’s performed at Canada’s top theatres, including a few years at The Stratford Festival, and toured across North America in Showboat.

Director Max Reimer has helmed a variety of theatres and is the recipient of the Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for excellence in business in the arts.

Below are quotes from some the glowing reviews.
Details on performances and hotel/theatre packages are Here.
Consider booking early, the show closes April 21.

Toronto Star
“Tevye is arguably one of the great male roles in the musical theatre canon and George Masswohl plays the character to perfection.

At a time when most musicals are aiming for bigger, bolder and brasher, it’s nice to see that good storytelling, beautiful music and comforting familiarity can still delight an audience.”
Read the full review HERE

Ontario Arts Review
“Stage West has brought back Max Reimer to direct what is a superb adaptation that captures the atmosphere and even the essence of Lantsmenshaft that was and still is a mainstay of the Jewish experience.

Reimer’s reputation for attention to detail is naturally discernible and his directorial emphasis ranges from subtle to dynamic”
Read the full review HERE

Shalom Life
“The rendition of “Matchmaker, Matchmaker” sung by the talented Gabi Epstein, the lovely Amy Wallis (second daughter, Hodel) and the equally lovely Nicole Norsworthy (third daughter, Chava) was phenomenal, and better even than the commercial theatrical touring production that rolled into town a few years back… it is a definite must-see.”
Read the full review HERE

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