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Top Christopher Plummer Video Clips

Christopher Plummer’s one man show, A Word or Two, opens August 2nd at Stratford’s Avon Theatre. Until then Plummer fans can get their fill with this list of the top 7 Christopher Plummer video clips.
(Scroll down for Christopher Plummer on Ellen)

1. Best Supporting Actor Speech (2012)
Plummer’s elegant speech upon winning the Oscar® for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in “Beginners” at the 84th Academy Awards® in 2012.

2. Interview about Stratford’s Tyrone Guthrie and Shakespeare*
This interview with Plummer provides great insight into Tyrone Guthrie, the Stratford Festival’s first Artistic Director. Plummer discusses Guthrie’s efforts to keep Shakespeare alive and contemporary, despite being attacked by the critics. Concludes with Plummer doing “Larry” Olivier.
Runs 5:34

3. Edelweiss – The Sound of Music (1965)
From The Sound Of Music, this song provides a metaphor of the edelweiss flower, as a symbol of the Austria that Captain von Trapp, Maria and their children knew would live on in their hearts despite the Nazi annexation of their homeland. Runs 3:22

4. Christopher Plummer interview (2009)
The Sound of Music comes up in this interview with Hap Erstein of the Palm Beach Arts Paper. Plummer also paints a picture of his youth in Montreal and discusses how the night clubs & cabaret performers influenced his acting.
Filmed with a small audience, Plummer is playful, and on his game, watch him work the crowd!
Runs 9:53 (the intro is a minute).

5. Interview about acquiring acting techniques*
Plummer discusses the role his mother played in his development and how he was influenced by the great actors of the 19th century. Runs 5:54

6. Christopher Plummer on Ellen (2012)
Christopher Plumer discusses winning an Oscar® for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in “Beginners.”
Runs 4:11

7. Christopher Plummer on Cosby (1987)
The Cosby Show – Shakespeare (1987)
When was the last time you saw Shakespeare on a sitcom? This unique scene must have been fun to write, perform and direct.
Start viewing at 2:00 when Cosby extols the virtues of Shakespeare. Pick it up again around 7:30 when Plummer`s Shakespeare scene really begins and carries on to the next clip, which features Plummer, Roscoe Lee Browne and Earle Hyman reciting from Julius Ceasar.
Runs 10:52

8) A Word or Two
Marci Ien, from CTV’s Canada AM, interviews Plummer backtage at The Stratford Festival.
Christopher Plummer

* Theatre Museum Canada has an excellent collection of clips with R.H. Thomson interviewing Plummer about a variety of topics related to theatre. They are a must for anyone interested in Plummer, acting and Canadian culture. See all the Museum`s videos HERE.

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