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A Word or Two Reviews & Interviews

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What is undoubt­edly the Festival’s most antic­i­pated show, Christo­pher Plummer’s A Word or Two, directed by Des McAnuff, opens tonight.

I’m attend­ing the pre­miere and will be pub­lish­ing all the reviews as they become available.

I’ve spo­ken to a few reli­able sources who have seen the show and by all accounts it’s wonderful.

Plum­mer deliv­ers a heart­felt, deeply per­sonal med­i­ta­tion on his love of words, sen­tences, and those
who manip­u­late them with a lit­er­ary legerdemain.

As some­one who spent time act­ing and per­form­ing on stage and screen, it’s Plummer’s stage work that I find most compelling.

In his youth he spent time in Mon­treal cabarets, as did I. When watch­ing him onstage, with that twin­kle in his eye and the mar­velous voice and body, which he so deftly uses to engage every audi­ence mem­ber, I know I’m wit­ness­ing a mas­ter who is at once play­ful, sub­tle and commanding.

I’ve assem­bled inter­views with Plum­mer that pro­vide insight into his past.

I’ve also included some clas­sic per­for­mances that I found on Youtube, you’ll find them all HERE. I think they make for excel­lent pre, or post show viewing.

To this day I pre­fer radio to tele­vi­sion, and for that rea­son, below is an inti­mate inter­view Jian Ghome­shi did on his CBC radio pro­gram “Q.”

Enjoy lis­ten­ing, watch­ing and thinking.

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