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Stratford 2013 Season: teasing out the fun stuff

While search­ing around online, does any­one use the word “surf­ing” any­more, I came across an excel­lent blog post about the recent announce­ment of the Strat­ford Festival’s 2013 season.

The last seg­ment of the blog post, from Kelly Bedard Man­ag­ing Edi­tor of My Enter­tain­ment World, had some excel­lent reflec­tions, pre­dic­tion and wishes for next year’s season.

By now much has been writ­ten about the upcom­ing sea­son, I chose to link to this young writer’s blog because of its pas­sion and spirit. Has any­one else imag­ined Found­ing Artis­tic Direc­tor of Soulpep­per The­atre Com­pany Albert Schultz as Tevye?


What I’m wait­ing for is the next round of announce­ments. I want to hear that Tom Rooney’s play­ing Iago and Bethany Jillard‘s finally get­ting her shot at Juliet. I don’t want to see another round of Tyrone Savage’s Romeo but wouldn’t mind see­ing him try Mer­cu­tio along­side a vibrant young guy the director’s gone out and found specif­i­cally for Romeo (hey Tim Car­roll, I have a few sug­ges­tions for you!).

I’m wait­ing to see who will play my favourite Mer­chant char­ac­ter, Anto­nio and which young actress gets to take on the great, smart Por­tia (or the great, smart Des­de­mona for that mat­ter). Strat­ford cur­rently doesn’t have any high-ranking African Amer­i­can men in the com­pany so will direc­tor Chris Abra­ham court Dion John­stone back to the fes­ti­val or look else­where? Maybe he’ll pro­mote the too-often-overlooked Tim­o­thy D. Stick­ney, or inter­pret “moor” to mean some­thing other than “black”.

Who will play holier-than-thou Isabella and, more inter­est­ingly, her hyp­o­crit­i­cal antag­o­nist Anto­nio? Will the Jesus Christ Super­star cast return to do Tommy?

Which musi­cal man can fol­low up Brent Carver and take on Tevye? Every­one I can think of for the role is either too young (Mike Nada­jew­ski) or too old (Carver him­self). Can we please get Kyle Blair into the com­pany again some­how? Maybe he can play Perchik!

Why doesn’t Strat­ford steal some­one awe­some from Soulpep­per or Shaw and get Albert Schultz to do Tevye or Steven Sut­cliffe as Anto­nio in Mea­sure for Mea­sure? (You know who would be a cute Romeo– Wade Bogert-O’Brien, but he would need to be poached from Shaw). There are so many cast­ing ques­tions and I just really want to know the answers.

The fun part’s still to come– the cast­ing, the plan­ning, the grad­ual teas­ing out of infor­ma­tion on whether Romeo & Juliet will be set in 15th cen­tury Verona or Toronto, 2013 (just for the record, I would Really like them to set it in Toronto, 2013. Or really just anytime/anywhere other than 15th cen­tury Verona). Stratford’s 2013 sea­son looks pretty good so far; I’m start­ing to think that I’ll be greatly rewarded for putting a lit­tle trust in Antoni Cimolino.

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